Friday, December 07, 2007

New Riegel, Ohio

About 10 miles southeast of Fostoria, on Rt. 587, is the small farming community of New Riegel. The population is approximately 300. One story I was told was that the town was originally settled by an Amish sect from Riegel, Germany.

The focal point of this town is definitely the New Riegel Cafe. Home of some of the finest BBQ ribs you will ever eat. (Although, they haven't passed the Beamis test, yet) People come from miles around to dine here; their reputation is quite impressive. I've overheard waitresses talking to customers and mentioning that they have worked there for over 30 years.

The BBQ sauce that is used is, of course, a secret. I really don't know how to describe it. It's not sweet, it's not tangy, it's not vinegar-y. There is plenty of garlic and I think that celery is the secret ingredient. Not celery salt or celery seed, but ground up celery. Regardless, the ribs are delicious.

I usually get a takeout order on Friday. I pick up my Dad at 4:15 and we arrive there shortly after they open for dinner at 4:30. We place our order - ribs with extra sauce - and enjoy a 7&7 at the bar while waiting. The orders come with french fries, butter bread and celery. The orders are then wrapped in foil and stuffed in a plastic bag. We're usually back by 5:00 or 5:15 for the feast.

The feast washed down with a cold bottle of Mexican Coca-Cola

The font of the elixir that is a 7&7

Old school bowling game

A peek into the dining room

Booth seating near the bar

Post Office

Always liked this portico design on buildings