Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sedona, AZ

Red sandstone

I headed north yesterday on a road trip to Sedona, Jerome and Prescott. Sedona, my first stop, is known for its red sandstone formations. It's also been the backdrop for many Westerns. For the New Agers, this is a location of spiritual vortices. I have no idea what that is.

Bell Rock

More red sandstone

Chapel of the Holy Cross

Red sandstone spires

More red sandstone

Crash pad on Chapel St.

Signs and stuff

Jerome, AZ

The town of Jerome nestled at the base of Cleopatra Hill

Jerome is an historic mining town which is said to be the home of many ghosts. Due to the numerous bars and bordellos that sprung up during its heyday as a prosperous mining town, it was named "the wickedest town in the West" by the New York Sun in 1903. Today, the town is a tourist attraction.

In addition to copper, gold and silver were prevalent

The Business District - a lot of vibrant, tourist-related businesses amongst the ruins of buildings from days gone by.

Approaching downtown Jerome

Busy day in Jerome

The Hotel Connor

The middle building houses Caduceus Cellars

Random Pics

One of the many hillside staircases in Jerome

A whole lotta stuff


A really old film projector

Disrepair in Jerome - I'm sure these are the haunts of the ghosts.

Losing the battle

Remnants of first two-story building in Jerome. It housed a hotel and shops

People throw coins into the hotel ruins

This side of the building housed the shops

The interior of this ruin has been converted into a glass blowing studio

Caduceus Cellars - this is the tasting room for the Merkin Vineyards, which boasts Maynard James Keenan - lead singer of Tool - as one of its owners. There are different flights of wine you can taste and each flight consists of four different wines. In keeping with my heathen, low-brow status, I tasted the least expensive Flight #1; which consisted of a white, rosé and two reds. I bought a bottle of red called Chupacabra.

Pronounced kah-DOO-see-us

Logo on the window of the tasting room on Main St.

The quaint interior of the cellar

Wine tasters

Going up the pass from Jerome and looking back on the Verde Valley

Prescott, AZ

County courthouse and plaza

After the short and scenic drive over the pass from Jerome to Prescott, I had a delicious lunch of fish & chips at Prescott Brewing Co. I then walked around the county courthouse plaza, which was hosting a festival of some sort. Music, food, people on stilts, clowns, etc.

Whiskey Row

Post Office

Looking west through my windshield on Gurley St.