Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bacon and Sangria Party - Phoenix, AZ


Last Saturday, I threw the world's first Bacon and Sangria Party. Never before has the world seen such a revolutionary event. The perfect melding of salty and sweet; swig and sizzle.

I purchased 8lbs of bacon and 13.5 liters of sangria. Guests, if they chose to, were instructed to bring something - AS LONG AS IT WAS BACON OR SANGRIA. The beautiful simplicity of this directive was lost on some, so various contraband was brought.(egg salad on bacon, cookies, fruit salad)

Those people will be dealt with later. (This is not to say that the contraband wasn't eaten.)

Black Forest bacon

Center cut bacon

Name your poison

Bugs in a rug - dates wrapped in bacon


Buckboard bacon

Menfolk chewing the fat