Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rt. 60 - Arizona Mining Towns

Approaching Superior, AZ on Rt. 60

A couple weekends ago, I headed east out of Phoenix on Rt. 60 towards the cities of Miami and Globe. Both of them are old mining towns in different states of repair. Globe, maybe due to its location at the crossroads of 3 highways, was in much better condition than Miami, which is a few miles west of Globe.

Miami, AZ - Two words: Beat Up. It was Sunday morning and there was little to no activity that I saw. The downtown area was in various states of disrepair with many boarded up and vacant buildings. There were a fair amount of antiques shops, but all were closed. It was kind of eerie.

Arriving in Miami

Bullion Plaza School

A local church


Bottles! Get your bottles!

One of the many storefronts that were closed

About the only building that showed signs of life

An empty alley

Up, up and away!

I think this place was still in business. Couldn't really tell

Bridges over the wash

One of the few buildings in good shape

This sums it up

An elaborate memorial as you enter town

Hillside disrepair

No idea what's going on here

Or here

Hotel in disrepair

More hillside disrepair

An old jalopy in a storefront window

An old Mexican restaurant


Looking down an alley

The old YMCA

More bottles

Globe, AZ - This town was in much better condition with more activity. Although, being Sunday, a lot of places downtown were closed.

Entering Globe

An old brew pub

Downtown Globe

The old courthouse, now an arts center

Local church

Oldest building in Globe

An excursion train

You drive real fast under these, so they don't collapse on you.

Post Office

Local bar

View of Globe from the Rt. 60 bypass