Saturday, February 20, 2010

Two Hippies - Phoenix, AZ

The front patio

Two Hippies is a small place on E. Indian School Rd at 8th St. It's easy to miss and I've passed it several times myself without noticing until the last moment. Burgers are their specialty, but they serve hot dogs, too. The small interior is decked out with kitschy memorabilia of days gone by.

The fries were better than Heart Attack Grill(see previous post) and the onion rings were very good. The burger was good, but, like most food in general and burgers specifically, it was overcooked. If you're like me, you want your burger juicy with a little pink in the middle. Also, it was a little over-salted; I actually like a pepper flavor to my burger.

So, take note burger makers of the world. Ditch the lean ground beef for fattier blends and ditch the food cops that want everything cooked until it reverts back to pure carbon. Burger lovers unite! Unlike Heart Attack Grill, I will return here for another visit. I wanna try their Magic Mushroom Burger.

Burger, fries, drink:

Heart Attack Grill - $14
Two Hippies - $7.50

Today's special. How could I say no?

Let the tasting begin

Note the sweet Schwinn Cruiser 3 hanging on the wall

Old school lunch boxes. Yes, they're made of metal

You gotta love Curley from The Three Stooges

The coup de grace

The Mr. T key chain is a classic. Push one of the buttons and you get a classic catch phrase from Mr. T himself:

"I pity the fool"
"Shut up, fool"
"Quit yo jibber jabber"
"Don't make me mad. Grrrrrrrrr"
"First name Mister. Middle name Period. Last name T"
"Don't gimme no backtalk, sucka"