Saturday, August 16, 2008

The County Seat Circuit

On Saturday morning, I took a drive around northwest Ohio via eight county seats. This part of Ohio is rural and heavy in agriculture. From the looks of the fields, there are going to be bumper crops of corn and soybeans. Plus, the farmer's markets were coming alive with the allure of sweet corn, melons, tomatoes and strawberries.

Findlay, OH -
Back in the day, when northwest Ohio was flush with oil and natural gas, Marathon Oil had its world headquarters in Findlay. Although the HQ is now in Houston, they still maintain an office here.

Hancock County Courthouse

Marathon Oil

Ottawa, OH - Nice little town of about 4500 people. I liked it.

Putnam County Courthouse

Sweet house on the main drag

Ottawa Water Works

Paulding, OH - A little smaller than Ottawa and it didn't seem to have a whole lot going on. Maybe its proximity to the Indiana border has caused some overflow of boredom.

Paulding County Courthouse

A storefront across from the courthouse

Defiance, OH - In a previous post on the Maumee River Valley, I wrote about Defiance, so I won't waste your time with more. I stopped here for lunch at Bud's Restaurant.

Defiance County Courthouse

Bud's Restaurant

An old Coca-Cola building

Bryan, OH - a thriving little town with a lot of manufacturing, including The Ohio Art Company and Spangler Candy Company.

Williams County Courthouse

Makers of Dum-Dum suckers

Makers of the Etch A Sketch

Napoleon, OH - Home to a Campbell's Soup plant

Henry County Courthouse

Former National Guard Armory

Abandoned grain elevators

Wauseon, OH - Not a whole lot going on from what I could see.

Fulton County Courthouse

A lighting store in an old building

Wauseon Depot

Bowling Green, OH - Home of Bowling Green State University. By the time I got to Bowling Green, I was wiped out, so I took a picture of the courthouse and went home.

Wood County Courthouse