Monday, September 30, 2013

Snow Canyon State Park

Entering the park

Last Thursday, I took my 4th annual pilgrimage to Springdale, UT for the Zion Canyon Music Festival.
Unlike the last three years, I didn't take any pics or video of the festival itself. I just relaxed with the other festival-goers and enjoyed the music and great weather. (Here's my festival review: The Rainbow Girls rocked it!) Instead, on Friday, I took a day-trip over to Snow Canyon State Park, which is 8 miles north of St. George.

Snow Canyon is a Navajo sandstone canyon with a bottom filled with a lava flow. Most of the lava tubes have long since collapsed, but a couple remain that can be negotiated. I didn't have a flash light, so no lava tube excursion for me. According to the park brochure, Snow Canyon is situated at the intersection of the Colorado Plateau, Great Basin, and Mojave Desert, which gives it a diverse mix of plant and animal life, including the desert tortoise. The park is quiet and colorful.

Visitors on the dunes


Wall with arch

Looking north from the park road

Looking south from the park road

Rock and sage

Looking west from an overlook

I have no idea...

Lava and sage

Entrance to a lava tube

Color Country

Exiting the park