Sunday, October 19, 2008

FoJo Coffee Works Grand Opening

Two shots of espresso

On Friday, Oct. 17th, FoJo Coffee Works opened to the public. We still had equipment and stock items arriving on Thursday, so we weren't able to do much advance advertising for the opening. Had to rely on word of mouth and customers that came to Jimmy's for burgers and wings.

This made for a sparse crowd, but allowed me to get organized behind the counter and work out some kinks.

I've also decided on our signature drink. My barista training manual calls it A Shot in the Dark. It's comprised of shots of espresso in a cup of dark roast coffee. For my purposes, I've renamed it.... The FoJo MoJo.

Cookies, scones, mini-muffins and cinnamon rolls

The counter area

A late morning coffee klatch

Stephanie admires her work on the menu board

The Command Center