Monday, August 22, 2011

Quebec City, Quebec

Crossing the St. Lawrence River into Quebec City

A recent 2 week vacation to New England included a 4 day trip from Portland, ME to Quebec City. My brother, Jeff, flew into Portland and we rented a car for the 5.5 hour drive to Quebec. The twins, Mike and Matt, drove up from Alexandria to meet us. We stayed at a hostel in the The Old City that had 4 beds and a private bath. We spent about 2.5 days sightseeing around The Old City, The Lower City and the area just west of the Old City. It's a beautiful city and I highly recommend visiting, if you get the chance. We also decided that we didn't have a bad meal the entire time we were there.


Lodging - Auberge Internationale

Food - Cafe Le Hobbit and Chino Sois

Most Pretentious Club - Chez Maurice

Favorite Eccentric - Female Nick Nolte at the hostel

Favorite Pic - the fire escape in The Lower City

Side trip - Montmorency Falls (see post below)

Footwear - Vibram Five Fingers (mine were awesome. wore them 4 straight days)

The Old City

The Lower City

Battlefield Park

Fountains and Statues

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Montmorency Falls, Quebec

Taking the tram to the top

Outside of Quebec City, about 10 minutes, is Montmorency Falls. We visited on a cool, misty day, which seemed appropriate.

The staircase across the river

Suspension bridge over the crest of the falls

The Montmorency River dumping into the St. Lawrence

Looks harmless enough

Oh boy! Looking straight down from the bridge

The bridge

View from the other side of the river

View before descending the staircase

Descending the staircase

Bonus: 5 seconds of "roar," then my batteries failed.