Monday, June 27, 2011

Prescott Bluegrass Festival

The crowd gathered in the town square

Yesterday, I drove up to Prescott for their yearly Bluegrass Festival. It was a warm, breezy day in the low 90s.(Warm at this elevation) And it was still 20 degrees cooler than Phoenix. For those of you who have never watched live bluegrass, I highly recommend it. It's good, fun music and has some of the best musicians you'll ever see.

This is my first video blog and I apologize for some of the bad audio, the wind played heck with my recording.

(I started my drive from Phoenix by listening to 2 CDs of Flatt and Scruggs.)

The Triple L Band - Start out with a little gospel

Just 4 Mama - Watch at the :27 mark. It's the bluegrass equivalent of Gene Gene, The Dancing Machine. Complete with rawhide gloves.

Lonesome Otis - Suits with cowboy hats are money for a bluegrass band. That's straight up gangsta.

Thomas Porter and the Copper River Band - Last show of the day

Impromptu Jam - Bluegrass Beatles

Bonus track - Check out these two kids.